Publications in the period 2018-2020

Year 2021

Production of PEG-coated liposomes using a continuous supercritical assisted process

Evaluation of the Real Contact Area of Rough Surfaces by Using a Finite Element Model

Year 2020

Technologies and formulation design of polysaccharide-based hydrogels for drug delivery

Valorisation of chestnut spiny burs and roasted hazelnut skins extracts as bioactive additives for packaging films

Recycling of almond by-products for intestinal inflammation: Improvement of physical-chemical, technological and biological characteristics of a dried almond skins extract

Combined effects of dewatering, composting and pelleting to valorize and delocalize livestock manure, improving agricultural sustainability

Identification of the Volatile Components of Galium verum L. And Cruciata leavipes Opiz from the Western Italian Alps

Optimizing n fertilization to improve yield, technological and nutritional quality of tomato grown in high fertility soil conditions

Study on ajuga reptans extract: A natural antioxidant in microencapsulated powder form as an active ingredient for nutraceutical or pharmaceutical purposes

Effects of harvest time on the yield and quality of winter wheat hay produced in Northern Italy

Bioplastic film from black soldier fly prepupae proteins used as mulch: Preliminary results

Interspecific rootstock can enhance yield of processing tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in organic farming

Hermetia illucens (L.) larvae as chicken manure management tool for circular economy

Influence of environmental and genetic factors on content of toxic and immunogenic wheat gluten peptides

Characterization of Celiac Disease-Related Epitopes and Gluten Fractions, and Identification of Associated Loci in Durum Wheat

Supercritical antisolvent process for pharmaceutical applications: A review

Triterpenic saponins from Medicago marina L

Study of the interaction of a novel semi-synthetic peptide with model lipid membranes

Supercritical impregnation of mesoglycan into calcium alginate aerogel for wound healing

Supercritical CO2 adsorption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs into biopolymer aerogels

Oral Fast and Topical Controlled Ketoprofen Release Through Supercritical Fluids Based Processes

Supercritical antisolvent coprecipitation in the pharmaceutical field: Different polymeric carriers for different drug releases

Production of eudragit/ampicillin microparticles by supercritical antisolvent coprecipitation

Supercritical CO2 impregnation of alphatocopherol in different aerogels

Cellulose acetate and supercritical carbon dioxide: Membranes, nanoparticles, microparticles and nanostructured filaments

Pseudo-semantic Approach to Study Model Membranes

Encoding Materials Dynamics for Machine Learning Applications

AuAg/ZnO nanocatalyst for CO2valorization and H2and CO electrochemical production

A comparative life cycle assessment study on conservation of semi-finished peaches

Tablets containing nimesulide obtained by supercritical impregnation: An LCA study

Photocatalytic Degradation of Eriochrome Black-T Azo Dye Using Eu-Doped ZnO Prepared by Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation Route: A Preliminary Investigation

Enhancing sustainability of tomato, pepper and melon nursery production systems by using compost tea spray applications

Impact of climate change on water and nitrogen use efficiencies of processing tomato cultivated in Italy

The use of poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone) in the delivery of drugs: A review

Zinc and calcium cations combination in the production of floating alginate beads as prednisolone delivery systems

Development of chitosan/mannitol microparticles as delivery system for the oral administration of a Spirulina bioactive peptide extract

Design and development of spray-dried microsystems to improve technological and functional properties of bioactive compounds from hazelnut shells

Preparation and characterization of cellulose acetate-Laponite® composite membranes produced by supercritical phase inversion

A one-step SC-CO2 assisted technique to produce compact PVDF-HFP MoS2 supercapacitor device

Production of liposomes loaded alginate aerogels using two supercritical CO2 assisted techniques

Production of biodegradable superabsorbent aerogels using a supercritical CO2 assisted drying

Leather dyeing using a new liposome-based process assisted by dense gas technology

Corrigendum to “A bioavailability study on microbeads and nanoliposomes fabricated by dense carbon dioxide technologies using human-primary monocytes and flow cytometry assay”

Supercritical phase inversion: A powerful tool for generating cellulose acetate-AgNO3 antimicrobial membranes

Bioactives extraction from spent coffee grounds and liposome encapsulation by a combination of green technologies

Liposomes for intra-articular analgesic drug delivery in orthopedics: State-of-art and future perspectives. insights from a systematic mini-review of the literature

Extraction and bioprocessing with supercritical fluids

A supercritical assisted process for the production of amoxicillin loaded liposomes for anti-microbial applications

Antioxidants entrapment in polycaprolactone microparticles using supercritical assisted injection in a liquid antisolvent

Liposomes: From bangham to supercritical fluids

Supercritical fluid extraction of compounds of pharmaceutical interest from Wendita calysina (burrito)

Encapsulation of health-monitoring agent in poly-methyl-methacrylate microcapsules using supercritical emulsion extraction

Supercritical fluid technologies applied to the extraction of compounds of industrial interest from Cannabis sativa L. and to their pharmaceutical formulations: A review

Glycogen synthase kinase 3β inhibitor delivered by chitosan nanocapsules promotes safe, fast, and efficient activation of Wnt signaling in vivo

Active thermography for real time monitoring of UV-B plant interactions

Reactivity of monohydrogensulfide with a suite of pyridoxal-based complexes: A combined NMR, ESI-MS, UV–visible and fluorescence study

Holocene paleogeographic evolution of an ancient port city of the central Mediterranean area: Natural and anthropogenic modifications from Salerno city, southern Italy

Biodegradable Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Stereoselective Copolymerization of Racemic Diolides: Stereocontrol and Polyolefin-Like Properties

Bisphenol A induces DNA damage in cells exerting immune surveillance functions at peripheral and central level

Demineralized bone matrix paste formulated with biomimetic PLGA microcarriers for the vancomycin hydrochloride controlled delivery: Release profile, citotoxicity and efficacy against S. aureus

The epigenetics of the endocannabinoid system

Biostimulants and cherry rootstock increased tomato fruit yield and quality in sustainable farming systems

Spatial and temporal variability of spring barley yield and quality quantified by crop simulation model

Using digestate and biochar as fertilizers to improve processing tomato production sustainability

In situ gelling alginate-pectin blend particles loaded with Ac2-26: A new weapon to improve wound care armamentarium

Pectin and zinc alginate: The right inner/outer polymer combination for core-shell drug delivery systems

Valorization of spent coffee grounds, biochar and other residues to produce lightweight clay ceramic aggregates suitable for nursery grapevine production

Eudragit: A novel carrier for controlled drug delivery in supercritical antisolvent coprecipitation

In silico total hip replacement wear testing in the framework of ISO 14242-3 accounting for mixed elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication effects

Musculoskeletal multibody simulations for the optimal tribological design of human prostheses: The case of the ankle joint

Integrating and applying models of comfort

Comfort seat design: Thermal sensitivity of human back and buttock

A flavone-based solvatochromic probe with a low expected perturbation impact on the membrane physical state

Optimization of the electrical performances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with room temperature sputter deposited Gd0.1ce0.9o1.95 buffer layers by controlling their granularity via the in-air annealing step

Wear characterization and contact surfaces analysis of menisci and femoral retrieved components in bi-condylar knee prostheses

Proposal for the automatic evaluation of workers’ exposure to acoustic noise following task-based approach

A Comparative Investigation on the Tribological Performance and Physicochemical Properties of Biolubricants of Various Sources, a Petroleum-Based Lubricant, and Blends of the Petroleum-Based Lubricant and Crambe Oil

In vivo validation of 3d-printed innovative surgical template for lumbar spinal arthrodesis

Tribology of natural fibers composite materials: An overview

Metal transfer evaluation on ceramic biocomponents: A protocol based on 3D scanners

Milestones in Natural Lubrication of Synovial Joints

Lubrication modeling and wear calculation in artificial hip joint during the gait

Accurate Measurement of Reciprocating Kinetic Friction Coefficient through Automatic Detection of the Running-In

Tuning the thermal properties of poly(ethylene)-like poly(esters) by copolymerization of ε-caprolactone with macrolactones, in the presence of a pyridylamidozinc(II) complex

A mixed elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication model for wear calculation in artificial hip joints

Spectroscopic behaviour of two novel azobenzene fluorescent dyes and their polymeric blends

Image-Guided Mini-Invasive Treatments for Vascular and Oncologic Diseases: Embolization Therapy

Fluorescent Probes for Applications in Bioimaging

Superhydrophobic Coatings and Artificial Neural Networks: Design, Development and Optimization

Mechanical behavior of bioactive poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate matrices for biomedical application

Antiangiogenic Effect of Graphene Oxide in Primary Human Endothelial Cells

Perceived Comfort and Muscular Activity: A Virtual Assessment of Possible Correlations

A perspective on biotribology in arthroplasty: From in vitro toward the accurate in silico wear prediction

Synthesis of bio-based polymacrolactones with pendant eugenol moieties as novel antimicrobial thermoplastic materials

Year 2019

Desymmetrization of 2-Cyano-N-tosylbenzylidenimine with Thiols and Organocatalytic Heterocyclization by Dynamic Resolution: Mechanism Investigation

Ancillary Ligands Impact Branching Microstructure in Late-Transition-Metal Polymerization Catalysis

Desymmetrization of 2-Cyano-N-tosylbenzylidenimine with Thiols and Organocatalytic Heterocyclization by Dynamic Resolution: Mechanism Investigation

Ancillary Ligands Impact Branching Microstructure in Late-Transition-Metal Polymerization Catalysis

Ligand Effects in Pd-Catalyzed Intermolecular Alkyne Hydroarylations

Integrating geospatial tools and a crop simulation model to understand spatial and temporal variability of cereals in Scotland

Novel design for a customized, 3D-printed surgical template for thoracic spinal arthrodesis

Neck posture and muscle activity in a reclined business class aircraft seat watching IFE with and without head support

Effects of innovative biofertilizers on yield of processing tomato cultivated in organic cropping systems in northern Italy

Towards comfortable communication in future vehicles

Nitrogen fertilizers shape the composition and predicted functions of the microbiota of field-grown tomato plants

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria avoid processing tomato leaf damage during chilling stress

Effects of solid and liquid digestate for hydroponic baby leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cultivation

Microalgal biostimulants and biofertilisers in crop productions

Blossom end-rot in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.): A multi-disciplinary overview of inducing factors and control strategies

Tailored Strength Neighboring Group Interactions Switch Polymerization to Dimerization Catalysis

The effect of spine discomfort on the overall postural (dis)comfort

Azurin and HS – : Towards Implementation of a Sensor for HS – Detection

Virtual prototyping for workplace analysis: the effect of expectation on perceived comfort while using office devices

A supercritical CO2 assisted electrohydrodynamic process used to produce microparticles and microfibers of a model polymer

A bioavailability study on microbeads and nanoliposomes fabricated by dense carbon dioxide technologies using human-primary monocytes and flow cytometry assay

Zein/luteolin microparticles formation using a supercritical fluids assisted technique

Efficient gram-scale continuous production of near-infrared-sensitive liposomes for light-triggered delivery of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid

Supercritical CO2 assisted formation of composite membranes containing an amphiphilic fructose-based polymer

Antioxidant loaded emulsions entrapped in liposomes produced using a supercritical assisted technique

Carrier confinement effects observed in the normal-state electrical transport of electron-doped cuprate trilayers

Low temperature hidden Fermi-liquid charge transport in under doped LaxSr1-xCuO2 infinite layer electron-doped thin films

Tetracoordinate aluminum complexes bearing phenoxy-based ligands as catalysts for epoxide/anhydride copolymerization: Some mechanistic insights

Tailor-made block copolymers of l-, d- and: Rac -lactides and ϵ-caprolactone via one-pot sequential ring opening polymerization by pyridylamidozinc(ii) catalysts

Palladium-Catalyzed Ethylene/Methyl Acrylate Copolymerization: Moving from the Acenaphthene to the Phenanthrene Skeleton of α-Diimine Ligands

Carbon footprint and energetic analysis of tomato production in the organic vs the conventional cropping systems in Southern Italy

“Ultima dea”: A laser scanner application for 3D modelling

Range of rest posture of human lower limbs

A study of classroom seat (dis)comfort: Relationships between body movements, center of pressure on the seat, and lower limbs’ sensations

Nanotechnology in plant science: To make a long story short

Physiochemical and protein datasets related to citrus juice sac cells-derived nanovesicles and microvesicles

An Integrated Multilevel Analysis Profiling Biosafety and Toxicity Induced by Indium- and Cadmium-Based Quantum Dots in Vivo

Assessment of ranges of rest postures of human lower limbs

The impact of climate change on barley yield in the Mediterranean basin

Changes in yield components, morphological, physiological and fruit quality traits in processing tomato cultivated in Italy since the 1930’s

Irregular Load Adapted Scaffold Optimization: A Computational Framework Based on Mechanobiological Criteria

A critical analysis of TKR in vitro wear tests considering predicted knee joint loads

Tribological investigation of epoxy/seed particle composite obtained from residues of processing Jatropha Curcas L. fruits

Comparison of meshing strategies in THR finite element modelling

Adaptive Noise Cancellation-Based Tracking Control for a Flexible Rotor in Lubricated Journal Bearings

Surface analysis on revised hip implants with stem taper for wear and failure incidence evaluation: A first investigation

Investigation on Polymer Composite Materials Wear Reinforced by Microparticles of Jatropha Curcas L. Waste

Preliminary investigating on the influence of whitening on natural tooth wear resistance

Design and prototype of a control for virtual environment in CHD examination

A finite element model for the analysis of squeaking hips

Control of liposomes diameter at micrometric and nanometric level using a supercritical assisted technique

Experimental Stuy of Water Jet Break-Up in an Supercritical Carbon Dioxie

Supercritical CO2 impregnation of α-tocopherol into PET/PP films for active packaging applications

PVP/flavonoid coprecipitation by supercritical antisolvent process

PCL/mesoglycan devices obtained by supercritical foaming and impregnation

Zinc oxide nanoparticles obtained by supercritical antisolvent precipitation for the photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet dye

Polycaprolactone/nimesulide patches obtained by a one-step supercritical foaming + impregnation process

Production of zein/antibiotic microparticles by supercritical antisolvent coprecipitation

A review of microencapsulation methods for food antioxidants: Principles, advantages, drawbacks and applications

PVP microparticles precipitation from acetone-ethanol mixtures using SAS process: Effect of phase behavior

Life cycle assessment of supercritical impregnation: Starch aerogel + Α-tocopherol tablets

Tribology and dentistry: A commentary

A Statistical Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Dry Friction Coefficient Measurement

Future vehicles: the effect of seat configuration on posture and quality of conversation

Accurate measurement of Kinetic Friction Coefficient by using two types of tribometer

Neuro-toxic and reproductive effects of BPA

Use of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens (L.), Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae processing residue in peat-based growing media

Valorization of Vineyard By-Products to Obtain Composted Digestate and Biochar Suitable for Nursery Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Production

Rainfall and temperature impacts on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) yield and malting quality in Scotland

Effects of compost and defatted oilseed meals as sustainable organic fertilisers on cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) production in the Mediterranean basin

Combined effect of cadmium and lead on durum wheat

Interaction of tomato genotypes and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under reduced irrigation

Effects of nitrogen management on biomass production and dry matter distribution of processing tomato cropped in southern Italy

In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Models for Nanomedicine: Particle-Specific Effects and Methodological Drawbacks

Research on water jet cutting of polymer composites based on epoxy/waste fibres from coconut processing

Experimental description of the aging of the coconut shell powder/epoxy composite

Measurements of the friction coefficient: Discussion on the results in the framework of the time series analysis

Composites Manufacturing: A New Approaches to Simulation

Fluid film pressure description in finite turbulent lubricated journal bearings by using the warner’s theory

Evaluation of physical phenomena and surface integrity during hydroabrasive disintegration of the rotating workpiece with feedback loop control

Tribological performances of total knee prostheses: Roughness measurements on medial and lateral compartments of retrieved femoral components

Choice of the optimal acoustic design of a school classroom and experimental verification

Experimental Comparison on Dental BioTribological Pairs Zirconia/Zirconia and Zirconia/Natural Tooth by Using a Reciprocating Tribometer

Evaluation of the Applicability of 3d Models as Perceived by the Students of Health Sciences

Astaxanthin encapsulation in ethyl cellulose carriers by continuous supercritical emulsions extraction: A study on particle size, encapsulation efficiency, release profile and antioxidant activity

A calorie-restricted ketogenic diet reduces cerebral cortex vascularization in prepubertal rats

Growth factor sustained delivery from poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid microcarriers and its mass transfer modeling by finite element in a dynamic and static three-dimensional environment bioengineered with stem cells

New sesquiterpenes from Asteriscus graveolens

Plausible emergence of autocatalytic cycles under prebiotic conditions

The effect of bulky substituents on two π-conjugated mesogenic fluorophores. Their organic polymers and zinc-bridged luminescent networks

Halimium halimifolium: From the Chemical and Functional Characterization to a Nutraceutical Ingredient Design 1

Solid-state fluorescence of two zinc coordination polymers from bulky dicyano-phenylenevinylene and bis-azobenzene cores

Novel dicyano-phenylenevinylene fluorophores for low-doped layers: A highly emissive material for red OLEDs

The inhibition of caspase-1- does not revert particulate matter (PM)-induced lung immunesuppression in mice

AIM2 inflammasome activation leads to IL-1α and TGF-β release from exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Development of health products from natural sources

An amphiphilic pyridinoyl-hydrazone probe for colorimetric and fluorescence pH sensing

Chestnut (castanea sativa miller.) burs extracts and functional compounds: Uhplc-uv-hrms profiling, antioxidant activity, and inhibitory effects on phytopathogenic fungi

Application of experimental design for the development of soft-capsules through a prilling, inverse gelation process

Design of aerogels, cryogels and xerogels of alginate: Effect of molecular weight, gelation conditions and drying method on particles’ micromeritics

A water-soluble microencapsulated milk thistle extract as active ingredient for dermal formulations

Poly(vinyl alcohol) 3D printed tablets: The effect of polymer particle size on drug loading and process efficiency

Post-manufacture loading of filaments and 3D printed PLA scaffolds with prednisolone and dexamethasone for tissue regeneration applications

Trotula de Ruggiero: The Magistra mulier sapiens and her medical dermatology treatises

Fluorescence pH-dependent sensing of Zn(II)by a tripodal ligand. A comparative X-ray and DFT study

Novel Potent Decameric Peptide of Spirulina platensis Reduces Blood Pressure Levels Through a PI3K/AKT/eNOS-Dependent Mechanism

A new tool to produce alginate-based aerogels for medical applications, by supercritical gel drying

Β-Carotene, Α-tocoferol and rosmarinic acid encapsulated within PLA/PLGA microcarriers by supercritical emulsion extraction: Encapsulation efficiency, drugs shelf-life and antioxidant activity

β-Carotene/PVP microspheres produced by Supercritical Assisted Atomization

A phenomenological approach to study mechanical properties of polymeric porous structures processed using supercritical CO2

Supercritical assisted electrospray: An improved micronization process

Production of PVDF-HFP nanostructured membranes for water purification by supercritical phase inversion

Production of PEA composite microparticles with polyvinylpyrrolidone and luteolin using Supercritical Assisted Atomization

Production, characterization and testing of antibacterial PVA membranes loaded with HA-Ag3PO4 nanoparticles, produced by SC-CO2 phase inversion

A versatile supercritical assisted process for the one-shot production of liposomes

Year 2018

Envisioning smart and sustainable healthcare: 3D Printing technologies for personalized medication

Particle technology applied to a lactose/NaCMC blend: Production and characterization of a novel and stable spray-dried ingredient

Supercritical assisted process for the efficient production of liposomes containing antibiotics for ocular delivery

Preparation and characterization of Chilean propolis coprecipitates using Supercritical Assisted Atomization

Testing the influence of digestate from biogas on growth and volatile compounds of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) and peppermint (Mentha x piperita L.) in hydroponics

Fast profiling of natural pigments in different spirulina (arthrospira platensis) dietary supplements by DI-FT-ICR and evaluation of their antioxidant potential by pre-column DPPH-UHPLC assay

Accurate estimation of the environmental noise through sampling approach: Selection of the measurement time

Musa textilis cellulose fibres in biocomposites – An investigation of mechanical properties and microstructure

Innate immunity and cellular senescence: The good and the bad in the developmental and aged brain

Application of spray drying particle engineering to a high-functionality/low-solubility milk thistle extract: Powders production and characterization

A novel method for the production of core-shell microparticles by inverse gelation optimized with artificial intelligent tools

The isoprenoid end product N6-isopentenyladenosine reduces inflammatory response through the inhibition of the NFκB and STAT3 pathways in cystic fibrosis cells

Activation of the absent in melanoma 2 inflammasome in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients leads to the release of pro-fibrotic mediators

Circulating and tumor-associated caspase-4: A novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for non-small cell lung cancer

Challenges in the production of pharmaceutical and food related compounds by SC-CO2 processing of vegetable matter

Polysaccharides based gastroretentive system to sustain piroxicam release: Development and in vivo prolonged anti-inflammatory effect

Supercritical assisted process for the encapsulation of olive pomace extract into liposomes

Wear behaviours and oxidation effects on different uhmwpe acetabular cups using a hip joint simulator

Comparative study of PVDF-HFP-curcumin porous structures produced by supercritical assisted processes

Production of Nanostructured Microspheres Biopolymer-Active Principle-Magnetic Nanoparticles by Supercritical Assisted Atomization

Supercritical Antisolvent Process: PVP/Nimesulide Coprecipitates

Life cycle assessment of supercritical CO2 extraction of caffeine from coffee beans

Uncertainty of input parameters and sensitivity analysis in life cycle assessment: An Italian processed tomato product

An environmental study on starch aerogel for drug delivery applications: effect of plant scale-up

Supercritical antisolvent coprecipitation mechanisms

Zein/diclofenac sodium coprecipitation at micrometric and nanometric range by supercritical antisolvent processing

Use of sunflower seed fried oil as an ecofriendly plasticizer for starch and application of this thermoplastic starch as a filler for PLA

Pt on SAS-CeO2 nanopowder as catalyst for the CO-WGS reaction

Supercritical Adsorption of Quercetin on Aerogels for Active Packaging Applications

Annexin A1 may induce pancreatic cancer progression as a key player of extracellular vesicles effects as evidenced in the in vitro MIA PaCa-2 model system

PVP/ketoprofen coprecipitation using supercritical antisolvent process

Design, synthesis and characterization of novel co-polymers decorated with peptides for the selective nanoparticle transport across the cerebral endothelium

On the dental biotribology: Comparison of zirconia/zirconia and zirconia/natural tooth friction coefficients by using a reciprocating tribometer

A study evaluating the level of satisfaction of the students of health sciences about the use of 3D printed bone models

Mechanical properties and abrasive wear of white/brown coir epoxy composites

Development of a novel in silico model to investigate the influence of radial clearance on the acetabular cup contact pressure in hip implants

Accurate measurement of dry friction coefficient using reciprocating tribometer

Task-based measurements for estimating the workers’ exposure to acoustic noise

Dynamical simulations of a flexible rotor in cylindrical uncavitated and cavitated lubricated journal bearings

Concentrated oleuropein powder from olive leaves using alcoholic extraction and supercritical CO2 assisted extraction

Finite element simulations of hard-on-soft hip joint prosthesis accounting for dynamic loads calculated from a Musculoskeletal model during walking

Physiological responses to chilling in cultivars of processing tomato released and cultivated over the past decades in Southern Europe

Different Digitalization Techniques for 3D Printing of Anatomical Pieces

Concentration of Ruta graveolens active compounds using SC-CO2 extraction coupled with fractional separation

Production of liposomes loaded with antioxidants using a supercritical CO2 assisted process

Scale-up and economic analysis of a supercritical CO2 plant for antimalarial active compounds extraction

Encapsulation of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Compounds in Nanosomes Produced with a Supercritical Based Process

Transcriptome profiling of short-term response to chilling stress in tolerant and sensitive Oryza sativa ssp. Japonica seedlings

Evaluation of two groups of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) accessions with different seed colours for adaptation to the Mediterranean environment

A real-time tripodal colorimetric/fluorescence sensor for multiple target metal ions

Solid-state highly efficient dr mono and poly-dicyano-phenylenevinylene fluorophores

Novel procedure for designing and 3D printing a customized surgical template for arthrodesis surgery on the sacrum

Real time dynamics of β-catenin expression during hydra development, regeneration and wnt signalling activation

Protein biocargo of citrus fruit-derived vesicles reveals heterogeneous transport and extracellular vesicle populations

Coactivation of MEP-biosynthetic genes and accumulation of abietane diterpenes in Salvia sclarea by heterologous expression of WRKY and MYC2 transcription factors

Data on a real-time tripodal colorimetric/fluorescence sensor for multiple target metal ions

The Effect of Reachability on Global Comfort Perception: The Case of Front-seat Car Passengers

Task analysis and comfort evaluation through simulations: Differences between subjective perceptions and simulated data in the case of car-hood lifting

AIE/ACQ effects in two DR/NIR emitters: A structural and DFT comparative analysis

Laser ablation as a versatile tool to mimic polyethylene terephthalate nanoplastic pollutants: Characterization and toxicology assessment

Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study of Alginate/Gelatin Aerogels Obtained by Supercritical Drying

Interaction of monohydrogensulfide with a family of fluorescent pyridoxal-based Zn(ii) receptors

Fragment based molecular dynamics for drug design

Molecular Dynamics and Morphing Protocols for High Accuracy Molecular Docking

On methods to identify the symmetry line of human back

The effect of posture, pressure and load distribution on (dis)comfort perceived by students seated on school chairs

Effect of in-seat exercising on comfort perception of airplane passengers

Enhancement of Tumor Homing by Chemotherapy-Loaded Nanoparticles

Diffusion limited green synthesis of ultra-small gold nanoparticles at room temperature

3D breast cancer microtissue reveals the role of tumor microenvironment on the transport and efficacy of free-doxorubicin in vitro

X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of annealing process on Sr1-xLaxCuO2 electron-doped cuprate thin films

Photophysical Properties of Luminescent Zinc(II)‒Pyridinyloxadiazole Complexes and their Glassy Self-Assembly Networks

Transmembrane peptides as sensors of the membrane physical state

Understanding Conformational Dynamics of Complex Lipid Mixtures Relevant to Biology

Extraction of rotenoids from Derris elliptica using supercritical CO2

Artemisia annua organic solvent extract, processed by supercritical CO2

Nanostructured chitosan–gelatin hybrid aerogels produced by supercritical gel drying

Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 and Cyclohexene Oxide by New Pyridylamidozinc(II) Catalysts

Control of Chain Walking by Weak Neighboring Group Interactions in Unsymmetrical Catalysts

Fabrication of SrTiO3 layer on Pt Electrode for label-free capacitive biosensors

Structural and electrical characterization of sputter-deposited Gd0.1Ce0.9O2−δ thin buffer layers at the Y-stabilized zirconia electrolyte interface for IT-solid oxide cells

Biotransformation and Biological Interaction of Graphene and Graphene Oxide during Simulated Oral Ingestion

Structure and morphology of model polymer electrolyte membranes based on sulfonated syndiotactic-polystyrene in the δ co-crystalline phase resolved by small-angle neutron scattering

Mechanism of Insertion Polymerization of Allyl Ethers

Finite element multiscale modelling of elastic behavior of cellulose acetate—Graphene oxide nanocomposites, produced using a SC-CO2 assisted technique