Interdepartmental Research Center for Biomaterials at the University of Salerno

The BIONAM Center promotes, supports, and coordinates research and studies in the field of biomaterials.

The goals of the BIONAM Centre are:

to promote and coordinate studies and research for biomaterials with particular attention to the following aspects:
i) preparation of biopolymers and biomaterials;
ii) their application, with particular reference to the biomedical, cosmetic-pharmaceutical, and food packaging sectors;
iii) understanding of action mechanisms and property-structure relations through theoretical and computational methods;
iv) technology transfer with attention to patent and commercial aspects. BIONAM promoting research and international collaboration among the researchers of the Centre and similar structures in Italy and abroad.

to coordinate participation in national, European, and international research projects by creating a management structure of the University as a regional and national reference.

to promote the collaboration of researchers in the field of biomaterials through the organization of periodic meetings.

to carry out publications and patents on the topics under study and research

to carry out activities to promote technology transfer and the industrial use of research results (spin-off).

to ensure the efficient use of existing instrumentation and promote new acquisitions.

The departments that support the center are:

the Department of Pharmacy (DIFARMA), the Department ofIndustrial Engineering (DIIn), the Department of Chemistry and Biology (DCB), and the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry “Salerno Medical School” (DIPMED).