Recent publications

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Multifaceted Analyses of Isolated Mitochondria Establish the Anticancer Drug 2-Hydroxyoleic Acid as an Inhibitor of Substrate Oxidation and an Activator of Complex IV-Dependent State 3 RespirationMishra, K., Péter, M., Nardiello, A.M., Keller, G., Llado, V., Fernandez-Garcia, P., Kahlert, U.D., Barasch, D., Saada, A., Török, Z., Balogh, G., Escriba, P.V., Piotto, S., Kakhlon, O.2022Cells10.3390/cells11030578
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3d biomimetic scaffold for growth factor controlled delivery: An in-vitro study of tenogenic events on wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem cellsCiardulli, M.C., Lovecchio, J., Scala, P., Lamparelli, E.P., Dale, T.P., Giudice, V., Giordano, E., Selleri, C., Forsyth, N.R., Maffulli, N., Porta, G.D.2021Pharmaceutics10.3390/pharmaceutics13091448
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Biotransformation of silver nanoparticles into oro-gastrointestinal tract by integrated in vitro testing assay: Generation of exposure-dependent physical descriptors for nanomaterial groupingCarnovale, C., Guarnieri, D., Di Cristo, L., De Angelis, I., Veronesi, G., Scarpellini, A., Malvindi, M.A., Barone, F., Pompa, P.P., Sabella, S.2021Nanomaterials10.3390/nano11061587
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Amnion-Derived Teno-Inductive Secretomes: A Novel Approach to Foster Tendon Differentiation and Regeneration in an Ovine ModelCiteroni, M.R., Mauro, A., Ciardulli, M.C., Di Mattia, M., El Khatib, M., Russo, V., Turriani, M., Santer, M., Della Porta, G., Maffulli, N., Forsyth, N.R., Barboni, B.2021Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology10.3389/fbioe.2021.649288
Chondrogenic commitment of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in a perfused collagen hydrogel seeded with htgf-β1-releasing plga microcarrierLamparelli, E.P., Lovecchio, J., Ciardulli, M.C., Giudice, V., Dale, T.P., Selleri, C., Forsyth, N., Giordano, E., Maffulli, N., Porta, G.D.2021Pharmaceutics10.3390/pharmaceutics13030399
Supercritical emulsion extraction fabricated PLA/PLGA micro/nano carriers for growth factor delivery: Release profiles and cytotoxicityPalazzo, I., Lamparelli, E.P., Ciardulli, M.C., Scala, P., Reverchon, E., Forsyth, N., Maffulli, N., Santoro, A., Della Porta, G.2021International Journal of Pharmaceutics10.1016/j.ijpharm.2020.120108
Study of the interaction of a novel semi-synthetic peptide with model lipid membranesSessa, L., Concilio, S., Walde, P., Robinson, T., Dittrich, P.S., Porta, A., Panunzi, B., Caruso, U., Piotto, S.2020Membranes10.3390/membranes10100294
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